Answering Moving Questions

If you follow us on Instagram, you know we (the biz & I) recently moved to Dallas, TX.

If you missed it, we moved! Long story short, I got a new full-time job that I’m very excited about and this business came along for the ride. 


You probably have lots of questions so let’s answer some! 

You’re probably wondering, what’s the job? I am now the Assistant Creative Director with Purveyors of Fragrance. They create fragrance-based products, think candles, body wash, lotion, etc, that smell great if I do say so myself (I'm biased, I know). I’ll be working mainly on the design side developing products from the ground up with their teams. They truly are a wonderful company – check them out! 

Does that mean you’re not dancing anymore?

In short, correct, I’m done dancing. On Instagram I shared a whole post walking through why I decided I was done. The pandemic forced all us dancers to stop for a while so I dove into design. After two years of not dancing, I don’t miss it. I don’t miss the mental & body image struggles. And at the end of the day, design excites me way more. This business excites me more. I won’t rewrite all that I wrote in that post so head there for the full scoop.  

What was it like moving with a business?

Honestly, not too bad! L&K is still very much a ‘micro’ business. I don’t carry too much inventory so all of my stock, display pieces, my shipping supplies, and all the random odds & ends all got shoved into my moving pod. Unloading everything into my studio apartment was bit of an organizational mess but we got there! 

Are you done with L&K?

Heck no! One of the reasons I took this job was because I’m hoping it will give me more headspace to build up L&K to where I want it to be. Before this position, I was a freelance designer working with, at one point, over 20 different brands regularly. Keeping up with everything and switching back & forth constantly made it hard to get anything done for this biz at the end of the long day. Working for one brand is already doing wonders. I mean, look I’ve posted three blogs recently!  

And the last and most common question I’ve gotten, how’s Texas?!

Very different from California haha. Having lived in San Diego my whole life, the culture here, as you can imagine, is very different. I moved to a part of town that is full of small shops, restaurants, and coffee shops that I’ve loved exploring (very similar feel to North Park/Hillcrest if you’re familiar). I am truly looking forward to learning more about this city and what makes it tick.  

I’m hoping to do some local markets/events soon! If you know of any (or someone who could recommend one) send them my way! I’d love to meet some local makers an get into that community here.  

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