Family Greeting Card Traditions

It wasn’t until after I started my greeting card line that I realized my family has such a strong connection to cards. They're a big deal in my family, especially at birthdays. Let me tell you a few!

1. My grandma (we call her Nannie) sends cards for every holiday. And when I say every holiday, I mean every holiday! St. Patrick's day, Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween, you name it we got a card (often with a few dollars snuck inside - thank you Nannie for funding 12 year old me’s snacks & random trinkets). Other times, she would stuff confetti inside too.

I have 3 siblings. When we were little and one of us was tasked with getting the mail, seeing those 4 matching envelopes (often in a holiday theme’s color. Think red for Valentine's Day, bright orange for Halloween) meant we were in for a treat. We would all gather round the table to open them, see the 10 dollar bill fly out, then read the card. After, in true my mother's manners fashion, we were then required to call Nannie and say thank you. Super sweet right?

2. There is a standing rule in my immediate family that you must read your card out loud for the group to hear. Which leads me to..

3. Number 3 which there is also a goal of getting the funniest card/biggest laugh at the table. 

Admittedly, I have no idea why we were required to read them aloud but whoever’s card got the biggest laugh ‘won.’ You got the bragging rights for the evening, which always felt good haha. 

4. And last but certainly not least, cards you get from Grandpa better have the gold Hallmark seal sticker on the back or it doesn't count. This is serious business!

Grandpa always gets his cards from the Hallmark store, others just simply won't do in his opinion, and would always ask for that little gold circle sticker to seal the envelope closed. It became expected that Grandpa’s cards better have it, and if it didn’t then you could tease him for it. "What no sticker!?" and then he would laugh.

Those are the standing greeting card rules especially for birthdays. It’s funny how looking back I didn’t think anything of them but now, they’re all the more special. Not just because they’re family memories & traditions but because I can see how they have impacted my deep love for greeting cards & taking time to pick the perfect card.

I’m so curious if your family has any traditions surrounding greeting cards. Do you? I would love to know!

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