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It’s officially back to school season (are people back to school already and I’m a little late with this post? Yes) and with it comes the need to get organized! As a self-proclaimed #stationerynerd back to school shopping was my favorite time of year; notebooks, binders, new pens & pencils, it was a great time. Even so, something I’ve always struggled with (and still do to this day) is using a planner. Every year, no matter how hard I try, I can't use a planner consistently. I start the year off strong and then fall off the wagon. I have't found the right one for me. 

So, I made my own!

I’m someone who needs a more global view. As an avid list taker, a daily planner just doesn't work for me. I get overwhelmed & really don’t need that much space. For daily tasks I make a giant to-do list and I’m good to go. That said, I still need a place to put important dates, somewhere I can look at a quick glance know what’s coming up.  

Now, you might be thinking, so many stationery brands have something like this. And yes! That's totally true. So many brands that I know & love make a 12-month calendar planner but like I mentioned above, I’m super inconsistent with my planner use - even a monthly view planner. If I don’t use it for a few weeks (or months) I feel like I’m wasting it. And that’s not a feeling we want, is it? 

Enter my calendar download!

It fits perfectly on a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet so you can print it right at home (or if you're an iPad person, you can write right on it!). I only print them as I need them which makes me feel lest wasteful (which we love) and because it’s just one sheet, when folded in half it fits perfectly in my notebook. I live & die by my notebook. It goes with me practically everywhere so not having to carry around another planner/notebook type item is great. Depending on how big my current notebook is, sometimes I’ll shrink the calendar down to 60% or so before printing and tape it right in. Even better, right? 

One of these days, I want to make some sort of notebook/planner hybrid for people like me; people who prefer a monthly calendar view & to-list/lined notebook combo. Would you use something like that? Are you a list taker like me? Let me know!

Download your calendar here! And be sure to tag me @lineandkind, I’d love to see how you all are using your planners! 

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