Under $10 Gift Guide (and what to gift them with!)

It’s December (can you believe it!?) which is gift guide season!

I always try to put together a little something so this year we’re going with gifts under $10. Quick, easy, perfect for stocking stuffers, this year’s list is about keeping it simple (and shippable!).

Of everything on this list these are my favorite to pair with something else - like a gift card, event tickets, or even physical photos. You can really capture aspects of someone’s personality with stickers and when you pair them with another little something it’s can create a truly personal gift. Cute, right? 



These are ideal for those stationery & paper lovers in your life. Pair these with a small set of pens or sticky notes and they’ll be ready to tackle their 2024 goals! Paper lovers know you can never have too many notepads so maybe get them a couple (hint hint, wink wink). 

Pinback Button Pins

These are my top pick for stocking stuffers! They might be small but like the stickers they really speak to someone’s personality and can add fun flair to their tote bag, jacket, or backpack. You know what else would be cute? Making these a hang tag on packages. Punch a little hole in the top, add some ribbon - super cute! 


There we go, gift guide 2023! Short and sweet but I hope helpful. If you’re looking for gifts over $10 I would recommend the T-shirts or the Tote Bag. The shirts & bag are some of my favorite things I’ve made - still blows my mind that you love them too!

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