Mother's Day Gift Guide

Friends, Mother's Day is coming up quick! You've got a plan right? If not, no stress I've got you. I put together some of my favorite picks for Mom in this Gift Guide - whoever Mom is! Being a mom, in any way, shape, or form, is a super power so let's take some time to celebrate them yeah?

Here are my faves ↓ (and all under $20!)

Of course, we have to start with Greeting Cards. We all know how special I think these are. Something I always keep in mind when designing cards is flexibility, so while a lot of these cards aren't quote-on-quote in the 'Mother's Day' category, they are more than perfect for Mom.



Next on my list, is Notepads. I had these in mind for the stationery nerd/paper lover Mom. She loves cute paper goods to compliment her desk space and loves to makes lists to keep her organized. 



For the art lover/gallery wall Mom - Art Prints! Art prints are the gift that keeps on giving. She'll enjoy it every time she sees it hanging on the wall. Grab a frame to complete the gift! These from Ikea are great or local thrift stores always have a great selection.




And last but certainly not least (and my personal favorite) - the tote bag! Truly, I use mine all the time and somehow it always fits what I need. We all know moms are prepared for anything & everything, this will keep her prepared and looking cute at the same time. 


There you have it! My 2023 Mother's Day Gift Guide. All of these items are grouped together here so you don't have to go running all over the website to find them. What do you think? Did I miss anything that would be perfect for mom? Let me know below! 

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