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Our Story

Line & Kind Paper Co. was founded in 2019 by Katie Morone while she was dancing with a regional ballet company in San Diego, CA. What started as a personal creative outlet has grown into a small business that offers simple, colorful, and thoughtful paper goods & gifts.  

meet katie

Before L&K, I was a ballet dancer and a freelance graphic designer for 10 years. In both, you're bringing someone else's story to life and I craved a completely personal creative outlet. Over the course of a few years I started drawing and those illustrations somehow (I truly don't remember how) got turned into greeting cards and I instantly fell in love with the medium. It brought together all the aspects of ballet & design I loved, the biggest one being connection with others through art. A few years and 150+ products later, here we are!

My Style

In a world full of bold patterns and overwhelming designs I find myself wanting something simpler. I say "my brain works in shapes" and I think that's pretty evident in my work. I've always gravitated towards simple, geometric, colorful designs. Through L&K I want to create simple, colorful, and thoughtful pieces to celebrate the small wins, the big events, and everything in between.

Creating Thoughtful paper goods & gifts to celebrate the small wins, the big events, and everything in between.

My Products

As a paper brand, being conscious of what I use is always on my mind. That's why all of my products are printed on 100% post-consumer waste paper wherever possible. I use minimal plastic for product packaging, no plastic when packing orders, and reuse shipping supplies as much as possible. L&K might be a paper focused brand, but we're doing it consciously.

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