Ballet Dancer Turned Designer

Hi there, I'm Katie! I created Line & Kind Paper Co. officially in 2019 but it started long before then. As a professional ballet dancer for almost 10 years and a freelance graphic designer I was a integral part of bringing other people's stories to life. I craved a personal, creative outlet. Over the course of a few years, I created a collection of over 70 illustrations. I experimented with them as greeting cards and fell in love with the medium - the paper community, the sense of connection & meaning a card can bring, and the personal creative expression. 

Every card and every order is special. Each speaks so true to the individual that chose them, I love seeing your personality come through. I hope you enjoy taking a look around! 

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Photography: Sam Zauscher of Society House

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A Little About Me

Why stationery?
It combines so many elements I love: the tactile element, color, design, connection, meaning, paper. I relish in how it combines all of these elements into a single tangible thing that shares a moment with someone else. 

When did you start dancing?
When I was 6 years old! 

When you're not dancing or designing what do you like to do?
This is tough because my job is also my hobby, which is an incredibly fortunate situation. That said, I love plant shopping, reading, listening to true crime podcasts, and all things crafty.

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About the Products

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Made in San Diego, CA

I'm proud to say all of our products are either made in house or in collaboration with local vendors here in San Diego, CA.


Environmentally Conscious 

All of our items are made from either recycled paper or eco-conscious materials. We aim to use as little plastic as possible during shipping and reuse previous shipping & packing materials as much as possible.


Giving Back

Giving back, supporting pertinent causes, and helping the community is important to us. We give back as much as we can. Currently we are donating  a Fabric Face Mask to a local hospital with every purchase.

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