My Grandma's Influence on the Halloween Collection

Let me tell you how the new Halloween Collection was inspired by my grandma.

Quick synopsis: Nannie (my grandma) sends my siblings and I a card for every holiday and for some reason the Halloween one’s stick out in my mind. They were always in these bright orange envelopes and when you saw them in the mailbox, oh, it was an exciting day. They always had the cutest illustrations, the classic orange envelope, and often a few dollars snuck inside (thanks, Nannie).

So to keep that tradition going, and in honor of Nannie, I made this mini 3 card Halloween Collection. Let’s take a look!

First is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Card. Admittedly I’m more of a fall girlie then a Halloween girlie but we all know those people who think Halloween/October is quite literally the best time of the year. So this card is for them. I tried to incorporate as many Halloween symbols, icons, as possible! This one I could totally see accompanying a host gift for a Halloween party or the alike.

Next is the Happy Haunting card. I think this one might be my personal favorite. When I was researching what Halloween themes I wanted to play with I kept coming back to haunted houses. Now, do I enjoy a haunted house? No, you will not be dragging me into one but I do love a cute little haunted house village type house. Victorian inspired, abandoned, taken over by ghosts, I love how the details came together. I could totally see Nannie giving us this one. Maybe with a pre-trick-or-treating message inside?

Last but certainly not least is the Happy Halloween card. This one I would describe as quintessentially my style. Very line based, playing with shapes  but still with recognizable images. Very me, right? This is one is great for just because messages. Maybe an invite to a Halloween themed activity?

While working on these cards, I kept Nannie and the people who send cards for every holiday in mind. Sending themed cards like this is such a great way to put excitement in someone’s mailbox, especially little/younger kids. Who didn’t love getting mail when you were little!? Think how cute their face would be not just opening up mail, but mail with a little ghost escaping a haunted house!

Do you send Halloween cards? Are you going to this year? I would love to know!

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